Peek, An Unconventional Calendar App

Peek-Photo7 editThere are so many calendar apps on the App Store, its no wonder people tend to just stick to the stock Calendar app. Some are swiss army knives of calendar editing with their variety of tools for management and input while some just look pretty. Finding a preference can be exhausting.

The new app Peek, from San Francisco/Tallinn-based Square Mountains, makes that process easier. It has nearly all the granularity a calendar nut asks for – while wrapped in a colorfully minimal, gesture-based design. And though it’s designed for a specifically mobile purpose, Peek might be as close as it gets to a well-rounded calendar app.

Peek screenshots 1

Peek-Photo11 edit

The app is designed with the circumstances of mobile in mind. Get in, get out; no need to dwell on minute details. The most common need for a calendar on the phone is a glance – or peek – of upcoming events. The UI promotes that: one tap to view a list of events in a day, and hold to add one. Once there; time, duration, location, and more are available to edit. It might not be as quick a method as the natural language input of Fantastical, but the stack of options successfully leaves out hunting for specific detail toggles.

That’s all you really need from a calendar app. But Peek‘s team added special emphasis on non-button gestures. Stuff like shaking your phone and even covering your palm over the forward-facing camera. Frills like these may be no more than party tricks, but at least it gives you the opportunity to elevate your interaction with the app beyond finger-tapping – something I could see becoming attractive for those who spend a lot of time checking their mobile calendar. Unconventional, for sure; but not without thought.

It’s also great to look at. They knocked out the menu bar (the clock replaced by said palm covering gesture), and fill in the extra real estate sparsely. It’s minimal, colorful, and adds just enough tiny animations to give it character.

I doubt I’ll ever abandon the elegant power of Fantastical, but I’ll definitely keep Peek around. It executes the at-a-glance need for a mobile calendar delightfully, and is sure as hell more fun to look at. I look forward to seeing more from Square Mountains in the future. Pick up Peek on the app store for $2.