Blurry Scenes: The paintings of Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster painting

Artist Laura Lancaster paints how she sees the world—but it isn’t necessarily realistic. Her point of view is full of movement and is emotionally volatile, colors and attitudes pooling in and out of each other in a way that suggests modern impressionism. She globs paint to turn scenery into abstract blurs present in the everyday—but they are anything but ordinary.

Laura Lancaster Artist 2

Laura Lancaster Artist 3

Lancaster’s paintings are oil based and feel like she started creating something and, slowly as the paint dried, they started crying and becoming color pools. They are emotional and sometimes scary, turning otherwise ambient and quiet scenes into loud, drippy, beautiful messes. Most of the time you can discern what it is she is suggestions in the image, providing some reward for viewers who can make out the clown or make out the flowers or make out the television in her work. Even if they are too abstract to understand they are still objects of beauty as their blurred nature allows for interesting color combinations.

The work here certainly reminds of an even more wild Allison Schulnik, whose paintings have a similar effect but cake paint instead of pooling them. She definitely has nailed an aesthetic that is her own yet feels like it riffs off of enough past and present to not be completely insane. That’s certainly a good space to be in.

Laura Lancaster painting

Laura Lancaster Artist 4

Laura Lancaster Artist 1

Laura Lancaster painting

Laura Lancaster Artist 5

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