Randy P. Martin’s photos act as a therapeutic getaway


Photographer, Randy P. Martin, (featured here before by Bobby) has a new series titled We Are Tiny. Humbly referring to his photography as simply, ‘Travel Documentation,’ Martin captures his adventures to the corners of the globe in charming snapshots of the people and locations he encounters a long the way. What really captured my eye (or rather my mind) in Martin’s new set was the therapeutic nature of the work. We Are Tiny envelopes our need to travel while also highlighting the paltriness of our existence.


While looking through Martin’s We Are Tiny, I came to the realization that I wasn’t just looking at photographs, but also engaged in a conversation. Just what were we conversing? Everything from joy (jumping off a cliff into the basin below), emotions (straddling a lonesome desert pathway), or even life (taking in the vast sky above from cliff’s edge).

RandyMartin-Tiny-1 RandyMartin-Tiny-2

The carefree spirit captured within every image makes the set feel natural, and as a result, before I knew it, I was lost in the above thoughts. Martin’s aestehtic choices no doubt aid in evoking the special feelings associated with each image. The varied lighting and distinct grain are apparently as a result of shooting with a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and a Yashica T5. Browsing the series, I feel like I’m digging up memories from my own adventures.


I mentioned that Martin’s photography is so thrilling to behold because it’s a great reminder to travel. Maybe it’s the nomadic spirit passed down through our genes or just an inbuilt set of wanderlust, but I think to any creative, and even any human being, travelling is a necessary passage we naturally thrive for and off of. It’s simply healthy for the creative mind. Philosopher, Alain de Botton, says, “journeys are the midwives of thought,” and that there’s a direct correlation between what’s before our eyes and the thoughts behind them, inside of our head. Martin’s grand images therefore open our minds to grand thoughts.


One large thought in particular is clearly portrayed in We Are Tiny: the nature of our existence. Heck, it’s clear from the title. There’s a liberating sense of freedom the first time you come to the realization that your existence in this vast universe is literally fractions of fractions of fractions small. There’s solace to seek, however bad your day might have been, when you remember that it doesn’t matter all that much much, considering in the grand scope of existence. To me, Martin’s series has captured this notion brilliantly, each image prompting me to consider that I’m just a small piece of something so much larger.


You can view more of Martin’s work on Flickr and Tumblr, or follow him on Instagram.

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