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Emojis are bomb dot com. Who doesn’t like emojis? Show me that person and I will show them a light slap to the side of the head because emojis are the best. How else would I drunkenly text that I am enjoying drinking red wine without a yellow sunglass wearing face and a cartoonish glass of wine? Emojis, dudes and dudettes.

Artist Matthew Williamson must agree because he shares some crazy emoji artwork online. These aren’t just creations made in honor of emojis: these are off-the-wall, batshit crazy .gifs that collide emojis at each other in the funniest of ways. They are incredibly recognizable and are effortlessly cool: there is nothing to dislike about Williamson’s emoji .gifs.

Matthew Williamson Emojo Gif Art 2

Matthew Williamson Emojo Gif Art 3

Logged on his Tumblr, Williamson uses emojis as a way to study similar, simple forms and often get a little crass. One moment you may see a constant flow of circles that all have the same form but are completely different while another series of emojis will intend to express a “Happy New Year!” sentiment in a very subtle way. They are all very playful and they weave in and out of his personal canon of gradients, moving images, and general emoticon study.

An easy comparison will be to the recently Tumblr famous Emoji IRL. LOL. but his work is so much different. While that site plays with representation, his work gets at design and what we association these techy objects with. Williamson has also done intense studies of emojis, suggesting new ways that these little marks can evolve. If you peruse his general work, there is an element of Internet and tech commentary via artsy emoticons and stock image lampooning. The closest thing to Williamson’s work is 0PN’s “Boring Angel” video by John Michael Boling, something that plays with a similar idea of emoji forms and function.

Williamson is constantly making work and you can, should, and will have fun digging through his Tumblr for more emoji art items. He’s currently looking further back at classic emoticons and stock photography but you can always expect a new .gif or two from him a day.

Matthew Williamson Emojo Gif Art 5

Matthew Williamson Emojo Gif Art 4

Matthew Williamson Emojo Gif Art 6

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