Enchanting Animated GIFs by Adrien Mérigeau

Adrien Merigeau

Adrien Mérigeau is a French filmmaker and animator living in Ireland. Currently he works as a Concept Designer and Art Director at Cartoon Saloon where they’re putting the finishing touches to a new feature called Song of the Sea. Checking out his blog, I recently discovered these two excellent GIFs. They were created as covers for a weekly design-led listings called Le Cool and I think they look great.

Adrien Merigeau

The first GIF shows an angry woman eating her soup. “I don’t know where the idea comes from” says Adrien, “I like random thoughts.” The second, shows a boy staring into a house. Apparently this is the house where the angry soup woman might live. As for the boy, that’s a spirit boy who has come to look after the house. Crazy stuff, but I love it. Each animation was made on paper with pencil and colored ink and then pieced together in Photoshop.

You can see more work from Adrien (including some great short films and videos) by checking out his website here.

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