Calendar for Adventurers: Mr. Blue Whale by RMM


It’s halfway through January and I already have a beautiful hanging calendar by Millimeter Milligram, a design studio in Seoul, but I’m strongly considering picking up this desktop calendar by RMM. RMM is a studio based in Hong Kong that publishes art journals, keeps a design blog and makes an annual animal themed calendar. The 2012 calendar was an elephant and 2013 was twelve owls—this year it’s an adventurous, world-traveling blue whale.


The RMM designers were inspired by children’s picture books and so the calendar comes packaged in a picture book format printed in full color on thick cardboard. The book tells the story of a blue whale who travels around the world over the course of the year. He starts in Hong Kong and winds up in Moscow by December. Each page is another month with a city illustrated in simple curving lines and a minimal pastel color palette.

In order to assemble the calendar, you punch out the months from the pages of the book and put together the holder. The months sit inside a 3-dimensional blue whale made from 5 separate pieces you pop out of the back cover. Fully assembled the calendar looks like a large blue whale swimming under colorful cities, or alternatively, cities being carried on the whale’s back.

RMM also made, in wonderful tandem with the physical object, an excellent short animation of Mr. Blue Whale traveling the seven seas in 365 days. The line drawings and colors translate well to the motion graphics of cities materializing one after another. My favorite parts are Godzilla storming Tokyo, a skier coming down the slopes of Seoul into Varanasi, and a woman hailing a cab in New York to arrive in Istanbul.


There’s one more well thought out inclusion by RMM; you can download the digital version of the desktop calendar in the form of iPhone wallpapers. The wallpaper of the corresponding city appearing in the calendar will be made available for download on the first day of every month. Let Hong Kong’s skyline grace your phone now and in February you could be be gazing at Tokyo Bay.

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