Winter Playlist 2014 | Mixed by Threading in the Choirs

The Fox Is Black Winter Playlist 2014 – Mixed by Michael Muller

Download Winter Playlist 2014 | Mixed by Threading in the Choirs
It’s winter pretty much everywhere in the northern hemisphere, though not quite here in Los Angeles, it’s been 80º lately. Sorry to rub that in. But it still gets chilly at night, and for those colder times it’s nice to have a proper soundtrack, so I’ve teamed up with Michael Muller who creates lovely playlists under the name Threading in the Choirs.

Music will forever have a place to specifically be tethered to a frame of time. This playlist was created during several dark and short-sunned days this winter. Allow the music to exist for you as a complete picture or thought; slowly opening like morning and drawing shut like the last moments of fading dusk before night blankets itself over the earth.

What I love about this playlist, which in true TFIB fashion is mixed into one, continuous track, is that it spans a wide gamut of music, not resting in any certain genre for too long. You traipse between fields of ambience and then are suddenly greeted by some new-fashioned folk by Sam Amidon. This is a mix for quieter times, for putting on your headphones with legs under a blanket, watching the snow gently fall.

Here’s the tracklist:

Small Sur – “Labor”
Dukes of Chutney – “Domino”
Wymond Miles – “The Ascension”
Botany – “Sunna/Show Me”
Julianna Barwick – “One Half”
Sam Amidon – “Bright Sunny South”
Broderick & Broderick – “Pop’s Song”
Bitchin’ Bajas – “Sun City”
Goat – “Goathead” (Excerpt)
Olan Mill – “Salkantay Trail”
Tim Hecker – “Stigmata II”
Raum – “Event of Your Leaving”