Like Portal? Check out The Museum of Simulation Technology

The Museum of Simulation Technology Pillow Castle Carnegie Mellon

You’ve played Portal, right? It’s a unique gaming experience that revolves around figuring puzzles using teleportation between two spots. How many times have you wished that existed in real life? A lot!

Nothing has come close to the game conceptually. There isn’t quite a way to knock off the game because you would literally be making the same game. Is there a way to play with the Portal concept but make something new? Yes, there is—and of course the people who figured this out were persons in Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center.

A team of students known as Pillow Castle have developed a puzzle game based on forced perspective, where the integrity of objects changes with the way you look at them. How does that work? Let’s say you are looking at a table across from you in a room and it looks small but, when you walk up to it, it is much bigger: what if the table from afar is in fact smaller? That is what their demo The Museum of Simulation Technology plays with.

In a seven and a half minute video that ties in clever uses of this technology, you see how a “game” version of this could work. You’re basically charged with finding your way out via an exit, but you have to reach it by altering objects through forced perspective. Sometimes the exit is out of the room in which you have to manipulate a window or pull a distant object in order to find it. I won’t spoil anything for you but the entire seven minutes will suck you in.

Who knows what this game will bring—or when it will even come out? What we do know and what all the hundred of thousands of viewers who have watched the video know is that something cool will come from it.

Found through Polygon