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If you give a person the Internet, he or she or whatever it is will want to share a selfie. The 2013 Word Of The Year is the main subject of Internet art lampooners Museum Of Internet‘s work. The online creatives are at the intersection of conceptual art, Post-Modern humor, and Internet follies: they take memes and misuses of technology and contextualize them in a way that reveals how sad and hilarious humans are.

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Museum Of Internet is the work of multiple artists who have used Facebook to create a space for constantly sharing a new sort of Fail: those who do not understand how they are misusing and misunderstanding and grossly not succeeding at Internet. Their work is pulled from Tumblr and Facebook and Twitter and is a collage of found online ephemera that suggest that mankind is a monkey trying to write Shakespeare: we will blindly try and try and try and try to do Internet correctly but, ultimately, are doing it wrong. To hysterical results, too! That’s what the group seeks to showcase.

Speaking of Me (“MoI,” get it?), the group of artists have an online show with ArtStack that fulfills to promise the best of the best in this discipline, that “not all selfies are art selfies.” What they are doing gets at what they call the “social self” and relates to heady performance theories and ways that casual users seek to express themselves. While funny and virally leaning, the work of Museum Of Internet is much more important than they appear to be. Dig around there for a while: you will laugh and you will realize that so, so, soooo many people are inadvertently using the World Wide Web as a means to self-harm via embarrassment. (And it inspires brilliant comments consisting of funny photos from those who can Internet.)

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