Anne Marie Jones Illustrates A Specific Lifestyle

Anne Marie Jones Illustration 4

Anne Marie Jones

How an artists makes is important—but what the artist makes is nearly just as important. UK based illustrator Anne Marie Jones’ creates very moody, somewhat impressionist works that speak to a very specific lifestyle that is influenced by design, city living, and the finer things in life. Regardless of if she subscribes to this lifestyle herself, what this artist is portraying is an important statement of where she would like to be.

Anne Marie Jones Illustration 2

Her subjects range from well designed interiors to woody countrysides to long, lanky, undoubtedly cool runway models. The person often absent in her work is a person many young people want to be: in beautiful cool spaces wearing beautiful cool things. Like a dream, her works blur reality into each other, providing the feeling that you are imagining what you are seeing and imagining that it is yours.

The effect is beautiful, too. It makes for particularly timeless, effortless works that are easy to fall in love with. If only we could all be this person that she hints at in her work! Check out more of her work (And some new fancy .gifs!) on her blog.

Anne Marie Jones Illustration 3

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