The Snob, A Fancy Bubbly Wine

The Snob Cava Packaging

Sparkling wine is associated with all things posh. Images of Jay Gatsby come to mind and those dang fancy ladies of any version of The Real Housewives come to mind: the world sees sparkling wines like champagnes and cavas as the drink of the rich. Enter The Snob, a very well designed sparkling wine that gets right to it: bubbly wine is for the fancy—so why not make it look fancy?

The Snob Cava Packaging 2

We noticed this packaging via design standby The Dieline over holiday break and absolutely fell in love with it. The concept comes from Spain’s Sidecar Design, who gave the brand’s three versions—Reserva, Rosé, and Gran Reserva—unique, lush looks. Every hallmark of the fancy is brought in, too: animal prints are used on the box, a discrete ridging effect is added to the bottle, and the ad campaign associated with it ask “¿Qué te vas a poner hoy?” (“What are you going to do today?”), an attempt to coax you to make your move toward luxury. The over-exaggerated script for “The Snob”—and the name itself—are absolutely fitting too.

Sparkling wine—specifically cava—is my drink of choice. It makes everything feel nicer and does an excellent job of making you feel like you are worth a million bucks (despite you actually being worth fifty thousand, at best). The only question we have about this effective design: does the bow tie really come with every bottle? We hope so.

The Snob Cava Packaging 3

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