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Everything Is Everything By Koki Tanaka

Everything Is Everything Koki Tanaka

Koki Tanaka is a Japanese artist living in Los Angeles whose work is about manipulating normal objects. He doesn’t warp them into giant sculptures or use a ton of little things like buttons to make mosaics. He instead allows little moments of normalcy, small or big gestures to stand on their own as some sort of art. As was done with his 2012 reflective Beholding Performer, Performing Beholder and booming 2008 Then, a whole bunch of basins crash down to the floor of the Museum of Modern Art, he uses common objects for big reactions.

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Peek, An Unconventional Calendar App

Peek-Photo7 editThere are so many calendar apps on the App Store, its no wonder people tend to just stick to the stock Calendar app. Some are swiss army knives of calendar editing with their variety of tools for management and input while some just look pretty. Finding a preference can be exhausting.

The new app Peek, from San Francisco/Tallinn-based Square Mountains, makes that process easier. It has nearly all the granularity a calendar nut asks for – while wrapped in a colorfully minimal, gesture-based design. And though it’s designed for a specifically mobile purpose, Peek might be as close as it gets to a well-rounded calendar app.

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Want, an app that offers daily temptation

Want By Svpply 2

A lot people still use Svpply—and I was using it for a while. When it came out it was a one-of-a-kind, well designed way to track things that you would like to purchase and show off what you’ve already purchased: it was beloved by all. It’s a means to log what you are into at a certain time and helps in cataloguing trends that are quickly passing at the hand of the Internet. I eventually stopped using it, though. There was no reason: I just stopped. I’m not sure if it got old or I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted but I stopped using it. Perhaps the searching was too annoying? I don’t know.

I re-downloaded the app a few months ago and somehow found myself onto a new app that they made, a spinoff from the original called Want By Svpply. I ultimately deleted Svpply again since I was forgetting to use it—but I found myself on Want every day. What is Want then? It’s a daily catalogue delivered to you in a clean, interesting, very Svpply way that uses your previously Wanted items to select suggestions for you. If you are overwhelmed by the search of Svpply, Want does the work for you by offering suggestions.

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Blurry Scenes: The paintings of Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster painting

Artist Laura Lancaster paints how she sees the world—but it isn’t necessarily realistic. Her point of view is full of movement and is emotionally volatile, colors and attitudes pooling in and out of each other in a way that suggests modern impressionism. She globs paint to turn scenery into abstract blurs present in the everyday—but they are anything but ordinary.

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Portfolio Update: Andy J. Miller

Midwest illustrator and longtime friend of the site Andy J. Miller recently updated his website with some beautiful new work, like what you see below. What I love about Andy’s work is the fluidity and playfulness of it all, and the bright colors and interesting patterns he creates.

You can see more of Andy’s work by clicking here.

Andy J. Miller

Andy J. Miller

Anna Kövecses creates adorable illustrations for the BBC

Anna Kovecses

I originally discovered the work of Anna Kövecses on this very site. A previous runner-up of our Re-Covered Books competition, I found her work to be an utter delight. Filled with bold shapes and bright colors, there is something sharp, confident and striking in her illustrations that I absolutely love. Recently she worked with the BBC to create a small series of illustrations for a kids story-writing competitions called 500 words and the resulting work is an absolute joy!

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Pictures from a Ghost Town in Romain Veillon’s Series ‘The Sands of Time’

Romain Veillon

It would seem that Romain Veillon has a thing for deserted places. The French photographer’s website is filled with stunning shots of desolate buildings and his eye captures the haunting beauty that can be found in the many secret places that lie abandoned in our world. His series “Les Sables du Temps” (The Sands of Time) is one such example and it’s absolutely beautiful. Shot in the ghost town of Kolmanskop, these surreal scenes show the interior of buildings slowly being swallowed by the desert.

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kittens & Kale

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Kittens & Kale

Kittens & Kale

When my friend Hamish said he was making art prints of “kittens playing with kale” I thought he’d finally lost it. I mean, kittens are always adorable, and everyone on earth but me seems to be obsessed with kale, so it could certainly work. What he ended up with was slightly genius.

Kittens & Kale is a celebration of youthful felines and tasty fronds. A loosely bound series of art prints depicting rescued kittens and kale recipes produced to celebrate Printed Matter’s second LA Art Book Fair (Jan 30th – Feb 2nd at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary). $5 from each sale will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society, the rescue and welfare organization dedicated to making Los Angeles a 100% no-kill city.

The project is a collaboration between Claire Cottrell, Lauren Spencer King, Hamish Robertson, and Andi Teran, featuring ten 5″ x 7″ prints of recently rescued kittens frolicking with kale accompanied by their adoption stories, and artfully-captured fronds of kale backed by recipes from Los Angeles restaurants Alma, Forage, Heirloom LA, Moon Juice, and Cookbook.

If you’re interested there’s a nice preview of the Kittens & Kale prints over on Los Angeles, I’m Yours.