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Noma Bar’s ‘Cut the Conflict’ Raises the Bar for Politically-Fuelled Art


Graphic designer extraordinaire, Noma Bar, has recently unveiled his latest project, Cut the Conflict. In a global ‘crowd-sourced’ effort, Bar has collected materials from warring countries and die-cut them, creating images that bear his trademark style. It’s art, packed with a powerful message; the best kind. Masterfully executed with a gripping social commentary, Cut the Conflict takes Bar’s visionary art a step forward: from the page, to three dimensions, and into the minds of the politically concerned.

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Flavors identified by type in Frem soda redesign


For a while now, I’ve been looking for some work that lends to talking about type and the subconscious. Jonathan Faust‘s redesign of the Danish Soda brand, Frem, is attractive, trendy, type-focused and not unlike some design I’ve seen before. But what really makes Faust’s work so intriguing to me is the fact that each flavor has it’s own identity through typography.

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‘The Curious Explorer’s Guide to Exotic Animals’ by Marc Martin

'The Curious Explorer's Guide to Exotic Animals' by Marc Martin

When it comes to modern animal illustration it’s hard not to riff off the work of Charlie Harper. His stylizing of flora and fauna defined a style that few have been able to best. But then I saw the work of Melbourne based Marc Martin and thought to myself, “Well, that’s certainly a unique take on wild animals.” — unique meaning awesome.

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Philip Treacy designs a cutting-edge statue for the 2014 Brit Awards

The 2014 Brit Award, designed by Philip Treacy

You may have never heard of Philip Treacy but chances are you’ve seen his beautifully ridiculous hats. Worn by pop stars and royalty alike, Treacy’s hats are flamboyant and over-the-top, creating a bit of art in a surprising way.

Because of his success, he was asked to design the trophy for the 2014 Brit Awards, which in the past has been designed by luminaries such as Damien Hirst and Vivienne Westwood. His inspiration came from the very British idea of punk, which he translated into an amazing razor edged head piece that envelopes the stature.

I want one for my nightstand!

A Celebration of Architecture in Cinema in Federico Babina Poster Series ‘Archicine’

Federico Babina - Archicine

I’m not normally a fan of re-imagined movie posters that take a minimalist slant but I must admit that I quite like this series created by the Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina. Entitled Archicine, the series takes a number of iconic buildings from cinema and turns them into vintage-looking posters. It’s a series that presents a wonderful overview of architecture on screen and Federico’s style lends a beautiful crisp and clean aesthetic to the buildings of the silver-screen.

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Lesha Galkin creates a minimal, modular interior out of plywood

Lesha Galkin creates a retro-futuristic interior out of plywood

Lesha Galkin creates a retro-futuristic interior out of plywood

Lesha Galkin is an environmental designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who has a true knack for creating modular furniture. Putting his talents to the test was this space for PYE, where he created 477 pieces of modular plywood furniture that completely transform the space.

The project is inspired by retro-futuristic dream of space traveling. Minimalistic, compact and at the same time functional interior is almost completely made of a single material: plywood. The interior is made out of 477 parts which are interconnected as a construction.

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Worth your $$$ Cyber Monday sales from independent creatives

Cyber Monday sales from independent creatives

I really have a beef with the word “cyber”. Primarily, the word is only used in conjunction with Cyber Monday and Cyber Warfare, both of which feel like buzzwords that news anchors like to say. I mean, look at the stupid graphic above which I stole from a Google search. There’s nothing great about this concept.

I started thinking that I should do something that’s not gross and try to help people out. So I compiled a list of independent creatives who are having promotions, hoping to do a little good. This is a curated list of people and products that I believe in, there’s nothing in it for me (except maybe some bonus karma points). Hopefully I’ll be adding a few more names to this list.

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“Mean Streets” by Tennis

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve heard a song so good that it had me rock my head back and forth, smiling from ear-to-ear. That’s the exact feeling I get when I listen to “Mean Streets”, the new track from Tennis, made up of husband and wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore.

The song starts out pretty soulfully with Alaina’s vocals mingling with a subtle snare and piano, which continues for a couple of minutes. But then, at 2:12, everything but Alaina’s vocals drop out and she’s singing an angelic tune, and suddenly, she’s accompanied by a gut busting harpsichord/drum b combo that gets me me moving every time I hear it. Seriously, if you can’t get into this track we could never be friends.

'Mean Streets' by Tennis

Exquisitely sweet honey concept packaging by Maksim Arbuzov

Exquisitely sweet honey concept packaging by Maksim Arbuzov

Creating daring food packaging feels to me like the ultimate designer’s dream. Walking down an aisle of a shop and seeing your work beautifully displayed has to be an amazing feeling. And when I look at this honey concept by Maksim Arbuzov, it makes me wonder why these aren’t in every super market in the world.

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Counting Fun for Kids in ‘The Lonely Beast 123’ App

The Lonely Beast 123 App

If you have kids you’ll know just how much they love playing with phones and iPads. One of my favorite kids apps of late has been The Lonely Beast 123. It’s a follow up to The Beast’s popular Alphabet app and it features a new flash card adventure that teaches numbers and counting in a fun and entertaining way.

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