A Pop-Up Christmas From The White House

Pop-Up White House Christmas Card 2013 1

I don’t know how but President Barack Obama has my mailing address. Perhaps I was an NSA target or wrote for a celebrity’s website: I don’t know. Regardless, two years in a row I have gotten a holiday card from the President and his family.

Last year, the card featured a simple, Americana illustration of Bo running across the White House lawn through the snow. It was quaint and cute and a great introduction to America’s newest sweetheart puppy. For 2013, the Obamas really outdid themselves with a super elaborate, creative holiday *pop-up* card.

Pop-Up White House Christmas Card 2013 2

Pop-Up White House Christmas Card 2013 3

The card features a gold embossed presidential seal with a spectacular paper cutout version of the White House, one that jumps from the card. It’s an unexpected surprise that reminds of books you may have read in your childhood. It was designed by Grand Rapids based designer Chris Hankinson who works at PopUpCards.com and obviously employed his knowledge from there to make the card. It’s recyclable and seasonal and, of course, features the signatures of the entire family along with marks from the pups, Bo and newcomer (And notorious child almost-killer.) Sunny.

As obvious as this sound, the card is intended to be Obama’s relating his household to yours, his grand residence to whatever yours is. The card should have been another silly illustration but, instead, it brought in some inventive, basic design with an unexpected twist. I don’t think every household or even every Democrat voter got this but, dudes, I wish you did. It’s the best holiday card we’ve gotten this year—and it was from the President. Happy holidays, y’all.

Pop-Up White House Christmas Card 2013 4

Pop-Up White House Christmas Card 2013 5