Shapely Illustrations by Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones


Space scenes, dystopia, creatures and everyday objects gain depth and dimension on the daily through the low-poly talents of Jeremiah Shaw and Danny Jones. Housed on their website, Geo A Day, Shaw and Jones illustrate their interests with explorations in in 3D modeling.

Jones and Shaw met while working at Color, a design startup building apps. During their downtime, they started teaching themselves how to design in 3D using Cinema 4D, a modeling, animation and rendering program. Morning coffee runs were filled with chatter and ideas of what they wanted to transform into three dimensions. Eventually the two brought their ideas Tumblr, sharing random illustrations and little world’s they created. Their goal was to post at least one geo-exploration per day between the two of them and before long, the concept morphed into Geo A Day.


The scenes they create are beautiful and transportive. I was first drawn to the project by some of the outer space-themed piece they made.  There is something so intriguing to my eye, as a designer, to see spherical objects built as polygons. It’s so textured and almost storybook-like. I think this type of design would translate brilliantly for a children’s book. The somewhat crude edges that still manage to flow look like they were molded by hand.


Jones, a communications designer at Facebook, maintains that he is a designer rather than an illustrator and 3D illustration is just another tool for him.

“I think that’s the thing that drew me most to 3D, although we use it as an illustration tool you get the sense that you’re building something. Albeit in a faux 3D world, you’re literally molding an object into something new,” Jones said. “I think once you figure out how to do that it becomes addictive, almost empowering.”


Shaw, a designer at Apple, said that designing in 3D has changed his approach to design.

“It’s an interesting challenge to take a 2D image of an object or person and then try and recreate it in a 3D environment.”


Jones and Shaw are still trying to find the right people to collaborate with in order to bring their digital creations into print form but for now, the are selling wallpaper versions (for a variety of devices) of some of their work for $3 over at the Geo A Day Shop. If you use the code TFIB-GEOZ you can get 50 percent off your order.

They also created a holiday wallpaper just for TFIB that you can grab in our Desktop Wallpaper Project section.


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