London typeface by Antonio Rodrigues


I stumbled upon one of the more unique (but still usable) typefaces I’ve seen in a while this week. London is an elegant, Gatsby-esque display typeface with a pleasant use of negative space.

I wasn’t surprised to find out who was behind this polished typeface. You’ve probably seen some of freelance designer Antonio Rodrigues Jr.’s other work before, his type illustrations are all over creative aggregation sites. You may recognize his project Better With Flowers, one of my personal favorites, or another project, Stay.


Inspired by Bodoni, London was created as a branding concept. The concept unfortunately was rejected, but having already made a full typeface, Rodrigues decided to publish it after a number of designers asked for it. Previously, he’d only made type for illustrative purposes but now Rodrigues is working on converting all the fonts he’s ever designed for publishing.


While creating the typeface, Rodrigues said he played with Gestalt’s principles to balance the bold and the delicate. This type of letterform can be risky. When you play with negative space as Rodriguez did, you’re trusting the brain of any viewer to fill in what’s missing, all while trying to process the words the letters are forming. But Rodrigues achieved this through proper line placement. Had he set the lines apart any further, I think we might be struggling.


I especially like the uppercase C, D and Q from this typeface. The serif on the C is particularly striking, the D has an open pathway and a closed one, adding an interesting bit of depth, and the open tail and nearly enclosed bowl of the Q make for an exquisite stand-alone character.

You can download London and London with a built-in poster effect at no cost for personal and commercial use here.