Counting Fun for Kids in ‘The Lonely Beast 123’ App

The Lonely Beast 123 App

If you have kids you’ll know just how much they love playing with phones and iPads. One of my favorite kids apps of late has been The Lonely Beast 123. It’s a follow up to The Beast’s popular Alphabet app and it features a new flash card adventure that teaches numbers and counting in a fun and entertaining way.

The Lonely Beast 123 App

Based on the Beast books by Irish illustrator and writer Chris Judge, the app was made along with James Kelleher and Simon Judge. Chris’ bright and colorful illustrations are perfect for this sort of thing and there’s lots of fun to be had helping the Beast count all the flowers in his garden, all the books on his shelf and all the ducks in his bath. My personal favorite has to be counting the Beast’s breakfast as it boasts a “real-time HD egg-frying simulator”! What more could you ask for!

You can see more from the app in the trailer below or download it here for iPhone or iPad.

December 1, 2013 / By