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(fos) creates an illuminated installation out of paint and tape

(fos) creates an illuminated installation out of paint and tape

(fos) is a young multi-disciplinary design team out of Madrid and Barcelona who are already turning heads with their first project. Using only tape and paint, this trio has managed to created a rather vibrant installation that tricks the eye in a very pleasing manner. I love the way they were able to incorporate the effect by painting over top the tables, chair and paintings, making it feel like the light is starting to take over the world.

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2 Colours / 3 Dimensions Exhibition Curated by Stephen Chan


Stephen Chan is an illustrator and graphic designer based in the UK. He’s currently a freelancer who does all kinds of design work for a number of big clients. This past May he organized and curated his first exhibition as part of the Hong Kong Art Fair. It was, by visual and structural standards, a stand out success for a first-timer pulling together a large group show.

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Illustrator Romain Trystra creates atmospheric cityscapes in his series ‘Réflexions Faites’

Romain Trystram

I love this work by Paris-based illustrator Romain Trystram. His digital illustrations show amazing cityscapes drenched in electric color and filled with geometric shapes. The series is called Réflexions Faites (which means loosely “Make Reflections”) and his images involve plenty of light, rain and – naturally enough – reflections. I think they look great!

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Re-Covered Books Contest: ‘Fight Club’

Re-Covered Books Contest: 'Fight Club'

1. You don’t ask questions.
2. You don’t ask questions.
3. No excuses.
4. No lies.
5. You have to trust Tyler.

These are the ground rules laid out by Tyler Durden in Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 teeth shattering novel, Fight Club.

“It follows the experiences of an unnamed protagonist struggling with insomnia. Inspired by his doctor’s exasperated remark that insomnia is not suffering, the protagonist finds relief by impersonating a seriously ill person in several support groups. Then he meets a mysterious man named Tyler Durden and establishes an underground fighting club as radical psychotherapy.”

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FIELD NOTES “Cold Horizon” Edition

FIELD NOTES "Cold Horizon" Edition

I’m not really a write down notes on a pad of paper guy (I really wish I was). I stick to Simplenote as I always have my phone on me at all times and the UI is as clean as a whistle. But I saw these new Field Notes colorway and couldn’t resist posting about them. Dubbed “Cold Horizon” the trio of notebooks has a beautiful blue ombre meant to invoke “the deeply saturated winter twilight sky, fluorescent glacial water, and the shiny metallic glimmer of the Aurora Borealis.” I dunno about that exactly, but they sure are damn good looking.

You can snag some for yourself by clicking here.

Furze Chan Examines the Things Creatives Use and Love in Object Dialogue

Furze Chan Object Dialogue

Furze Chan, an online shop owner and artist from Hong Kong, has an ongoing project I really enjoy called Object Dialogue. She talks to people with what she considers interesting occupations about their work, the tools they use and the stories behind those objects. There are conversations with a freelance modeler, a translator and a veterinary surgeon, to give you an idea of the people Furze interviews. The interviews are long form, casual and try to show how these people think. The writing is a refreshing difference from sound-bite filled, highly polished Q&A’s. Some of the questions Furze asks remind me of The Great Discontent (an online journal of interviews exploring questions on creativity). For example, she asks her subjects if they think they have achieved their desire for living and why what they do is important to them.

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Fantastic Retro Color Groupings in Hilda Grahnat Photo Series ‘Vintage by Colour’

Hilda Grahnat Vintage by Colour

I’m a big fan of Hilda Grahnat’s work. The Swedish photographer, stylist and designer keeps a beautiful blog which is filled with the types of images that make you want to quit your job, run away to Sweden and simply spend your days surrounded by beautiful vintage furniture and retro antiques.

Her portfolio is also home to many wonderful pieces of work; one such project is this fantastic series called ‘Vintage by Colour’. Here she brings together a selection of interesting items and groups them together to create wonderful color groupings. It’s a simple idea, but the resulting work is just a joy to see.

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‘Art of the Automobile’ is An Exhibit to Take Your Eyes for a Ride


It’s said that “form follows function, but both report to emotion.” This statement could not be more appropriate in describing the automobile. One auction (turned exhibit), “Art of the Automobile,” presented by RM Auctions, celebrates the masters of vehicular design and the marks they’ve made on its history. Featuring over 30 cars, it’s on show at New York’s Sotheby’s galleries and is the first high-profile automotive auction that the city has seen in over a decade. To me, there’re many reasons why “Art of the Automobile” already stands out as one of the must-see exhibits to check out in NYC this year.

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