Paper finds it’s partner in Pencil

Paper finds it's match in Pencil

Paper, probably the best sketching app made for the iPad, has expanded their offerings from digital to physical with the release of their new stylus, Pencil. This is no ordinary stylus though, Pencil has palm rejection technology, a built-in eraser, and a tapered tip to allow for a variety of brush strokes. It also charge that lasts for about a month, but recharges in only 90 minutes.

Physically, it takes it shape from the carpenter pencil, revitalizing the classic design for our modern world. It also comes in two materials, a beautiful walnut or a graphite colored aluminum which has a bit more weight. It’s honestly a beautiful object despite it’s purpose and I think it’s really admirable to see FiftyThree, creators of Paper and Pencil, branch out into a physical product.

Lastly, if you’re not interested in sketching, you might be interested in the design of the Pencil site, which is a lovely experience in and of itself.

November 20, 2013 / By