‘All Streets’ – A Map of America Made Up of 240 Million Roads

All Streets

Consisting of 240 million individual road segments, All Streets is a staggering map of the US created by Fathom Information Design. Containing no other features, the map emerges simply by the roads that are marked on it. There are no outlines here, with no cities outlined and other terrains marked. It is – as the title suggests – simply all streets.

All Streets Detail

It’s a fascinating project and it is really interesting to see how mountains and canyons emerge on the map by the roads that have wormed there way around them. Fathom are currently selling the All Streets map as a beautifully printed poster on their website and half of the proceeds raised go to support the charity Kiva (US only orders I’m afraid). You can find out more details on their website here.

All Streets Detail

November 7, 2013 / By