Thomas Bogner imagines the “iWatch”

Thomas Bogner tries imagining the "iWatch"

The idea of a computer in the form a wristwatch is certainly appealing to the general masses at the moment. It’s long been rumored that Apple was working on an “iWatch”, though with Apple’s rather stringent security no one has actually been able to glean what such a device would be or do. The only thing we’ve seen that comes close to the idea is this waste of time.

Thomas Bogner, a 22 year old Berlin based designer, came up with this rather convincing mock-up of what an iWatch could be. Sort of a hybrid between a Nike Fuelband and an Apple display, the fluidity and interactivity is quite beautiful, and more importantly, believable. If Siri/voice controls really worked as they should I could totally see a concept like this working. Simply by telling the iWatch your commands could conceivably activate the limited but functional apps.

Unfortunately, there’s one giant error. Imagine the device on your wrist and then think of how you tell time. The device is laid out horizontally, while most watches work in a vertical format. A great idea, but the ergonomics don’t fit.