Design Jargon Bullshit

Design Jargon Bullshit

Design Jargon Bullshit is a new Tumblr that popped up recently which calls out design firms for using stupid buzzwords to describe what they do. It’s really not hard to describe what you do in honest terms, Teehan+Lax does a great job of this, so hopefully it outs some folks and gets them to speak like normal people. If you’re interested, you can also follow them on Twitter for daily updates.

Tangentially, you should read this great post by David Pogue who rips a new one on this PR person for pestering him with emails filled with buzz words and jargon. He totally hits the nail on the head.

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‘Last Day on Earth’ print by Laszlo Kovacs

'Last Day on Earth' print by Laszlo Kovacs

Laszlo Kovacs is an Amsterdam based illustrator who I think is totally fantastic. I’d describe his style as clean with bold shapes that are able to evoke a ton of emotion, despite their simplicity. A perfect example is this print he recently completed titled Last Day on Earth, which was completed for an upcoming exhibit about dinosaurs called Feathers at Gallery 33.

Through the subtlest of shapes he was able to create such a sense of emotion between two long gone animals. As far as I can tell there’s no way to purchase this as a print or on a t-shirt, but he really needs to make both of those options. Wouldn’t you buy one?

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Not a Game, Not a Book – it’s Device 6

Device6 Top

Swedish app company Simogo knows how to take iOS gaming seriously. Their past releases like Year Walk and Beat Sneak Bandit took the casual arcade style of mobile gaming and wrapped it in a uniquely illustrated look. And while neither of these two games – nor the others before them – played the same way, they both were certainly iOS games.

Their latest app, though, is much more difficult to think of as a game. You could say that you play through it, yes. But you also read it, watch it, and listen to it. You’re better off saying Device 6 one experiences rather than plays.

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Trailer for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' poster

I have a theory when it comes to Wes Anderson and his films. The theory is that he makes two really good movies, and then one kinda bad one. This doesn’t include Bottle Rocket into the mix, but here’s my evidence:

Rushmore – Awesome
The Royal Tenenbaums – Awesome
The Life Aquatic – Turd
The Darjeeling Limited – Really good
The Fantastic Mr. Fox – Awesome
Moonrise Kingdom – Turd

Based on my scientific data, it seems as though The Grand Budapest Hotel is going to be a winner. That, and the fact that I laughed at almost every part of the new trailer, which you can watch below. I think I’m most excited for old lady Tilda Swinton.

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La Telephone – A Love Story: A Beautiful Illustration by Justin Mezzell

Justin Mezzell - La Telephone - A Love Story

We’ve featured the work of Justin Mezzell on this site before. Back in 2011 he won the Re-Covered contest with his fantastic design for Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ (see it here). I was checking in on his site recently and discovered these beautiful illustrations he created called La Telephone – A Love Story. I just love them.

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