Square Cash – Perhaps the easiest way to send money, ever

Cash by Square – Perhaps the easiest way to send money, ever

Doing things simply can oftentimes be the most difficult challenges to overcome. Since it’s inception Square, the company that helps companies of all sizes sell things, has proven itself to be a valuable resource because of it’s simplicity. They took the complexity out of selling and managing a cash register and made it so anyone call sell anything.

Square Cash – Perhaps the easiest way to send money, ever

Now Square has gone one step further and made it drop dead easy to send money to anyone with an email address, simply calling it Square Cash. As you can see above, all you do is go to your inbox or download the Cash app, put in a value and an email address and that’s it. Square has taken this idea of simplicity so far that when you’re on their site and scroll to the bottom you’ll see a link that says “Account.” When you click it you’re taken back to the middle of the page where at the top it says, “You don’t sign up, you just send an email.” Simple.

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