The Fox Is Black gets a new coat of paint

The Fox Is Black gets a new coat of paint

It’s interesting when you run a site dedicated to the work of others. You try not to create anything that’s flashy or distracting from the “content”, so you tone things down and let the styling fade into the background. Unfortunately, over the last six years, I think that TFIB perhaps became a little too… flat.

With the help of my friend Tim Mather, who co-owns the beer app Untappd, we’ve made some UI changes to make the site feel a bit more colorful and lively while still providing a clear reading experience. The header reminds me of old Kitsune Noir days which some of you longtime readers will remember. Overall I’m happy to have the site feel cleaner and more vibrant, which pairs with our posts more effectively.

Hopefully you enjoy it as well. Feedback is totally welcome and appreciated as we’re still getting some of the bugs worked out.

October 15, 2013 / By