Los Angeles, I’m Yours Video: Sinclair Denim

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There are a lot of Los Angeles makers. There are painters and coffee makers and ceramicists and woodworkers and all sorts of people who make things, many of which have some reverence or relationship to the city that surrounds them. The city has become a paradise for those who make!

To speak to this and to really capture something in the air, LAIY has some exciting news to share: we’ve launched a video series to share stories of the creatives the city is housing. They are quick little peeks into culinary or fashion worlds, designers or juice makers—and they all speak to something very specific about the city. First up as our subject is crazy local jean maker Sinclair Denim, fancy pants (and more) makers who put an incredible amount of work into their crazy jeans.

The video is a quick breeze through their space with brand co-founder Vince Flumiani explaining their process and how LA is so inspiring to him. If you’ve never seen jeans get made, this will help give you an idea of what goes into them and, for Sinclair, a lot goes into making a pair of jeans. It’s also important to note that illustrator Chris Turnham did the artwork for the introduction which was animated by Nancy Parczyk. It was directed and filmed by Shad Davis and edited by Matthew Miller, both of whom are fantastic film people. The song featured in the video is Lullatone‘s very Summery “Cannonball Splash.”

Anyway, watch the video below. Be warned: there is quite a lot of beautiful denim porn.

October 7, 2013 / By