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Apple shows off the production of the new Mac Pro in the most exquisite manner

Apple Mac Pro

Apple sets the bar these days when it comes to electronics. There are few manufacturers who do a better job of producing products that people obsess over, but also at communicating and articulating why they’re so special. While watching the Apple keynote last week, I was impressed with how amazing the production of the new Mac Pro was.

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‘Yuri’ A Silent Graphic-Novel by David Biskup

'Yuri' by David Biskup

There’s a lot to like in David Biskup’s portfolio. The Bristol-based illustrator has a unique and quirky style that’s rich in humor and character. Of all his work, I was most taken by Yuri, a silent graphic novel he worked on last year. Self-published, the book was a finalist in the ‘Ligatura Pitching’ competition from Poland’s Centrala Press and was Highly Commended at the Macmillan Children’s Book Prize 2012. I love the color and detail in his work!

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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Chris Turnham

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Chris Turnham

Chris Turnham

I’ve been a big fan of the work of Chris Turnham for a long while now, ever since I wrote about his work back in 2007. Then last year I found out he had moved to my home town of Los Angeles. We wrote a piece about Chris over on Los Angeles, I’m Yours which gives some insight into his move from Seattle. Since our interview, Chris has definitely found a love for L.A., making it the focus of a new show which is appropriately called Eastside LA.

The show opens Thursday, Nov. 7 from 6 to 9pm at Hemingway and Pickett where he’ll be featuring some really beautiful pieces of buildings from around the area, like the iconic dry cleaners above. Chris was kind enough to give us a piece for the DWP which I’m thrilled about. It’s a gorgeous pice of art that has such a wonderful color palette and so many great fonts.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper.

The Abominably-Awesome Imagination of Virgil Finlay


Seeing as it’s Halloween and all, I thought I’d take this week’s post to write about renown sci-fi, fantasy, and horror artist, Virgil Finlay. While the medium he worked within, Pulp Magazines, might have been considered kitsch—Finlay’s work stands out as one of the extremely talented examples to have adorned the covers. What better a time of year to appreciate the work of Virgil Finlay than that of Hallow’s Eve?

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Lovely Crisp and Clean Illustrations by Janne Iivonen

Janne Iivonen for Fakta

Janne Iivonen is a Finnish illustrator currently living-and-working in the UK. I spent the morning flicking through his portfolio and really like his work. A recent graduate from the University of Brighton, Janne has got a great skill for capturing the gestures and characters of people and I love his bold lines and restrained colored choices. The illustrations here are from an editorial piece he recently worked on for Fakta, a magazine for managers and key personnel. I just love that two-color palette!

You can check out more images below and on his site.

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Gemma Correll offers up helpful suggestions for women in need of a good Halloween costume

Gemma Correll offers up helpful suggestions for women in need of a good Halloween costume

British illustrator Gemma Correll has made a living illustrating the more absurd parts of life. She has an immense love for pugs, cats and self-deprecation, all of which she manages to illustrate hilariously. The other day she created a super helpful guide for ladies who are stuck trying to figure out a halloween costume this year. Sexy Tax Return is my personal favorite.

You can see lots more of Gemma’s work by clicking here.

“Mira”, a brand new track/EP from Baio

Chris Baio, made famous for playing bass in Vampire Weekend, is continuing to explore his own music and producing through with his side project Baio. Ditching indie rock for electronic music, his newest EP Mira is an upbeat series of jams that remind me of something that Caribou would make. Mira was released today and you can listen to it on Rdio by clicking here.

"Mira", a brand new track from Baio

‘SKVÍS,’ an exhibition of new works by graphic designer Siggi Eggertsson

'SKVÍS,' an exhibition of new works by graphic designer Siggi Eggertsson

'SKVÍS,' an exhibition of new works by graphic designer Siggi Eggertsson

Siggi Eggertsson is well-regarded as one of the finest talents in Iceland right now, and his newest project certainly shows off his impressive skills. Titled SKVÍS, the installation is an overwhelming collage of colors and patterns that line very inch of the walls and floors of the SPARK Design Space. What you’re seeing is a series of eight modular posters that can be put together in a number of different combinations, creating a nearly never ending number of variables.

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Watch ‘The Shining’ told in the style of an 8-bit video game

Watch 'The Shining' told in the style of an 8-bit video game

The creative minds behind Cinefix have taken Kubrick’s classic The Shining and turned it into a rather faithful 8-bit video game. What really sells the game for me is the music, which is both true to old Nintendo games and the vibe of the film. I’d totally play this.

Let’s Dance! Great Illustrated Wrapping Paper by Naomi Wilkinson

Lagom Wrapping Paper by Naomi Wilkinson

There’s a bit of a trend at the moment for illustrators to create wrapping paper. It’s a trend I’m happy to see, especially when the results are as good as this work created by illustrator Naomi Wilkinson. Created in collaboration with Lagom Design, the paper is available in a selection of patterns, each one celebrating different music and customs. From sailors and flamenco dancers, to folk musicians and hula dancing – the patterns are fantastic!

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