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WhatFont, or How to Be A Type Nut on the Web

whatfont 3

If you’re like me, fonts can drive you bananas on the internet. Not in a “oh look how bad that font is” way, but in a “what a nice font, I wonder what it is” way. Sure, bad type happens. But when you see that great font being used, the inability to identify it can feel so close yet so far.

Thankfully, I’ve come across a solution. It comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension called WhatFont. If you aren’t familiar with Chrome extensions, that’s okay – many aren’t. Like your iPhone or Android device, the Chrome browser has a marketplace for third-party software that runs inside Chrome. Games and apps, of course, are there. But extensions are small functions that you add to the browser; oftentimes in the form of a button that goes up near your bookmarks.

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Simon Stålenhag’s Incredible Digital Paintings of a Dystopian Future-Sweden

Simon Stalenhag - bona

Artist and designer Simon Stålenhag is responsible for these fantastic digital artworks. Beautifully rendered to look like oil paintings, Stålenhag’s images show a strange dystopian society that exists amid a lush Swedish countryside. The contrast between these two elements works perfectly, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen work quite like Stålenhag’s before.

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The Designer’s Dilemma

The Designer's Dilemma

If this doesn’t sum up the designer’s dilemma, I don’t know what does. Smart Guides certainly help this problem, but that’s kinda cheating.

Oh, Pioneer! An inspirational Tumblr devoted to the outdoors

Oh, Pioneer! An inspirational Tumblr devoted to the outdoors

What if there was a place on the Internet that celebrated the outdoors in a truly beautiful, curated manner? The the goal of Oh, Pioneer!, a Tumblr run by Josh Abe who pulls together images, quotes, and music in the spirit of adventuring. You’ll seriously lose a lot of time digging through his archive and he posts quite frequently in case you’re looking for something new to follow on your dashboard.

This blog was started as a way to collect pictures, music, and videos that inspire me to wanderlust and adventure. I believe firmly in the doctrine of the strenuous life, and that to live within the bounds of comfort and ease is no life at all. I believe that our bodies and minds are capable of much more than we think, and that the generations that have come before, though meaning well, have created a society devoid of self-reliance and personal responsibility.

Glen Ryan’s infrared time-lapse video of the Australian landscape

Glen Ryan's infrared time-lapse video of the Australian landscape

Beautifully shot, time-lapse videos of nature are fairly common these days. With digital video cameras getting more and more powerful it’s more about having the will and taking the time to create a beautiful project than the lack of tools to create it. So I wanted to find something that was a little bit different from the rest, and I think Glen Ryan may have created the perfect thing.

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James Appleton truly captures the wonder of the outdoors

James Appleton photo

James Appleton photo

It seems obvious to me that you should start a spree of posts about the great outdoors with photos of the great outdoors. And these are some pretty GREAT photos. James Appleton is a photographer who you probably describe as “extreme” and not look stupid saying it. A good example are the photographs he captured of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano as it went nuts back in 2010, which you can see at top. Hell, even Wired did a piece about him and his photos.

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Theme Friday: The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

It’s a bit late in the day but I wanted to get this Theme Friday out as a challenge. The other day I asked for a theme on Twitter my buddy Michael suggested “The Great Outdoors”, which at first I shrugged off but then I thought it could be interesting to channel that idea in my own way. I’m not a big outdoorsy guy, so my interpretation might not be the same as yours. Hope you dig it.

Phoenix performs “Entertainment” at the Le Chateau de Versailles, filmed by an aerial drone

Phoenix performs "Entertainment" at the Le Chateau de Versailles, filmed by an aerial drone

I don’t think it can get much better than this. La Blogotheque has upped the ante with this new Takeaway Show featuring Phoenix, performing the song “Entertainment” at the Le Chateau de Versailles, filmed by an aerial drone. Yep. The whole thing is pretty incredible to watch as you get moments of intense grandeur as well as intimate moments with the band. And how great is the electronic drum beat in the song?

A Portrait of Designer Corin Mellor by Carol Sachs

Carol Sachs photographs Corin Mellor for Port Magazine

Carol Sachs photographs Corin Mellor for Port Magazine

I love to peer behind the scenes and take a look at the lives of people who create things. I love to get a glimpse of the places they work, the tools that they use and even the cars that they drive. Perhaps it’s that I hope to get to see something more. Maybe I’ll find what inspires them, what drives them or even gain a new perspective on their work. That’s why I love this series by Brazilian photographer Carol Sachs. Showing a day-in-the-life of designer Corin Mellor, it offers a fantastic glimpse behind the scenes and shows us where Mellor creates his silverware, tableware and furniture.

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Toilet Paper is a Publication You Won’t Want to Flush Down the Drain


Toilet Paper is perhaps the most bizarre, shocking, and borderline-subversive publication I’ve ever picked up… And I love it. A bi-annual magazine, it’s the child of (super-talented) artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. I highly recommend any self-respecting creative to pick one up, as my words can hardly do their work justice. It’s simply an experience you have to hold in your hands and observe with your own eyes. But that doesn’t mean I’m not stubborn enough to try (heh).

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