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Portfolio Update: Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran

New York based illustrator/artist/art director Josh Cochran updated his portfolio with a ton of new, extremely beautiful work last week. I’ve known Josh for a while now, he did a wallpaper long ago for the site, and it’s a pleasure to see how far his work has progressed over the last five years.

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The Playful and Witty Paintings of Holly Frean

Holly Frean

I am a big fan of art history but I always feel it’s good to get a fresh perspective on it from time to time. In many ways, that’s what the work of British painter Holly Frean is about. Instead of the often po-faced and straight-laced world we know, she playfully distorts it, creating familiar images that are wryly observed and fantastically witty.

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A Beatifully Smart and Simple Sweeper and Dustpan by Jan Kochanski

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 2

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 3

I love this dustpan and brush by Polish product designer Jan Kochanski. Perfectly simple, it presents a fantastic solution to the dustpan’s function; using the handle as a funnel for everything that gets swept up. While the dustpan and brush is a fairly common object in the home, you rarely see one as smart – or as beautiful – as this.

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Phonebloks: The Phone Design Dream

phonebloks 1

As Apple released its iPhone 5C last week, buyers had the opportunity to personalize their phone unlike never before. Five color variations as opposed to the standard two? Man, the choices.

Color variations aren’t much of a customization feature – in the end, your phone does the same things, has the same features, and even falls short in the same areas as everyone else’s. Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, however, has come up with a concept that would truly make your phone customizable.

It’s called Phonebloks – a name that might remind you of Megabloks or Legos. And thinking along those lines would be right on. The Phonebloks concept takes phone design to users as Legos do for architecture. Every functional component of a phone is contained in its own individualized block. The battery, for instance, would be one block; while the camera would be an other. Combine all the right blocks, and soon you have a working phone.

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“Designed Together”, a colorful new commercial for the iPhone 5C

Last week, Apple officially released iOS 7 as well as the colorful iPhone 5C, marrying the product and the operating system into a cohesive thought. This is the first time that Jonny Ive has had creative control over both the hardware and the software, and as you’ll see in the commercial below it’s a cohesive thought that the iPhone has needed for a while now.

I’m a huge fan of iOS 7, I have been since the beta, but it’s been great to see the reaction of friends and family to it as well. So far I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, heck, even my mom thinks it’s great looking.

Apple iPhone 5C

Thomas Prior Captures Amazing Images of a Mexican Fireworks Fight

Thomas Prior - Tultepec

As beautiful as they are terrifying, these images by photographer Thomas Prior show an amazing fireworks fight taking place on the streets of Tultepec in Mexico. The city is famous for its fireworks, and every year on March 8th, the people of the city take to the streets to celebrate their famous export in the most spectacular of fashion.

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Character creates a contemporary branding for Miselu’s C.24 Keyboard

Character creates a contemporary branding for Miselu's C.24 app

When I think of strong, contemporary branding I tend to think of a style that’s slightly edgy or futuristic. Branding that pushes some boundaries, that feels new and interesting. Character, a San Francisco based creative agency, created a striking bit of branding for Miselu’s newest product C.24, an innovative, two octave iPad keyboard.

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