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Tellas brings abstract, nature inspired art to city streets

Tellas brings abstract, nature inspired art to city streets

Digging through Flickr the other day I came across the art of Tellas, a street artist from Italy. What I love about his work is the natural feeling of his work, which looks to be inspired by pieces of wood, leaves, flocks of birds or schools of fish, all sorts of things. A lot of street art is quite vibrant and in your face but these pieces feel complimentary to the urban environment. You can see more photos of his work below.

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Interview with an Independent Publisher: Cathy Olmedillas of Anorak Magazine

Cathy Anorak 1

The term Independent Publisher is barely vast enough to cover the amount of work and different thinking caps you need to put on to be one. In the day of the ‘Print is dead’ generation publishers are increasingly taking more and more control of their end product ensuring that it’s not just a magazine you’re picking up but rather an experience and escape from the real world – not to mention the digital world. No other publication embodies this more than the perfectly put together children’s magazine Anorak.

Since it’s inaugural issue in 2006 it has been able to capture the hearts of children before they are consumed by technology and set free the square eyes of adults after they’ve lost their sense of childish abandon. It’s a magazine that’s had incredible success and after 29 issues (and not to mention numerous other projects) it’s still going strong. I spoke to Founder and Editor Cathy Olmedillas about her start with Anorak Magazine ahead of the release of their BIG BOOK OF ANORAK, an annual 224 page compendium of stories, activities and educational pieces that ran in the early (and now sold out) editions of Anorak.

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An extensive list of Grand Theft Auto V’s faux Los Angeles landmarks

Where Are Those Los Santos Landmarks In Los Angeles? Here Are Some Answeres…3

I know all of you guys are playing Grand Theft Auto V and have been absolutely loving it. One of the things that we are obsessed with is that it takes place in fictional city Los Santos, a city not-so-loosely based on Los Angeles and related Southern California cities. Of course we couldn’t help but point out that a ton of places in the game are all real and amazingly represented in the game. Thus, we did a little Los Angeles, I’m Yours post to point out a few landmarks and funny places that you should know about in the game. If anything, use the post as a Los Santos tour of Los Angeles.

You can see our full list of faux-cations by clicking here.

‘Box’, a short video that explores real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces

'Box', a short film that explores real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces

Captured entirely in camera. That’s the key thing to remember while watching this short film from Bot & Dolly (with help from GMUNK) simply titled Box. This in my opinion is a great example of truly contemporary art. A fusion of technology, Op Art, and a choreographed stage performance, the complexity of this video is truly incredible.

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BLRRR, a gallery of blurry but beautiful iPhone backgrounds

Blurry iPhone Wallpapers

With over 200 million people updating to iOS 7 already, clearly there’s a demand for cool backgrounds to go on their iPhone or iPad. Enter BLRRR, a gallery of candy colored images that work great on iOS 7 devices (and which I currently have as my iPhone home screen background). It was put together by Enormous, the folks who created the Blur app which allows you to make your own cool backgrounds. Lots to choose from, go wild.

Portfolio Update: Josh Cochran

Josh Cochran

New York based illustrator/artist/art director Josh Cochran updated his portfolio with a ton of new, extremely beautiful work last week. I’ve known Josh for a while now, he did a wallpaper long ago for the site, and it’s a pleasure to see how far his work has progressed over the last five years.

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The Playful and Witty Paintings of Holly Frean

Holly Frean

I am a big fan of art history but I always feel it’s good to get a fresh perspective on it from time to time. In many ways, that’s what the work of British painter Holly Frean is about. Instead of the often po-faced and straight-laced world we know, she playfully distorts it, creating familiar images that are wryly observed and fantastically witty.

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A Beatifully Smart and Simple Sweeper and Dustpan by Jan Kochanski

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 2

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 3

I love this dustpan and brush by Polish product designer Jan Kochanski. Perfectly simple, it presents a fantastic solution to the dustpan’s function; using the handle as a funnel for everything that gets swept up. While the dustpan and brush is a fairly common object in the home, you rarely see one as smart – or as beautiful – as this.

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