Five fonts to prepare you for Fall

For those of you not in California, or the near season-less Southwest, fall is here or at least near. Time to trade in the summer neons for earth tones and consider some other seasonal design trends. I searched through the work of several foundries and designers for affordable options and pick out a few typefaces that I wouldn’t mind seeing good, legal use of this autumn.


Homestead – Lost Type Co-op, pay what you want

There are so many typefaces from Lost Type suitable for fall but I tried to limited myself to just one (it didn’t work). For my first choice I settled on Homestead after debate with some of my type pals. Homestead, designed by Luke Lisi, is a hearty slab serif with a various texture options  reminiscent of plaid flannel.  The typeface also had a bit of a varsity feel without feeling too hokey, particularly in the M, making it a great font for football season and school-themed worked. While it’s only available in all caps, it also comes with an inline option, which makes it even more versatile.  And if Lumberjacks had offices with nameplates, I am pretty sure they would be in Homestead.


Fanwood –  The League of Moveable Type, free under Open Font license

I wanted to included a readable serif in the mixed that would work as large, focal text and for body text. Type designer Barry Schwartz created this one a while back for one of my other favorite foundries, The League of Moveable Type. It comes in roman and a very ledgible italics. Notice the thin serifs, subtle slants and the very uniform Os.


Adelaida – Resistenza, $30-40

This is easily one of the most gorgeous condensed hand drawn typefaces I’ve come across. Designed by Guiseppe Salerno of  Spain-based Resistenza,  this sans-serif has low set crossbars and tight angles. It’s thinness reminds me of pine needles and I think it would pair very nicely with a think sans-serif for good contrast.  Paying $30 gets you the font and an extra $10 gets you the webfont as well.


Silverfake – Free download from Font Fabric

I am a big fan of slab-serifs in general but I especially like to see them when the cooler weather comes. There’s just something anchoring and solid about a slab that makes sense for this time of year. Silverfake by Alexey Frolov, also known as MRfrukta, is a wide-set, thin slab-serif. It has some unique curves to it and is much less blocky than Homestead. You can see in the K and the R there’s an added swoop in the legs. This typeface also only comes in all caps but an actual capital A gets you crossbar variation that mimics that leg curve.


Cylburn – Lost Type Co-op, pay what you want

As we get nearer to Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, script fonts become more prominent and, sometimes, overused. Cylburn, designed by Dai Foldes for Lost Type, is a clean, understated typeface. The semi-connected script is structurally based of Roundhand. Foldes created it using a pointed brush. Paying under $30 gets you personal use, above $30 cover commercial use.