Clear, the App with Timeless Design

clear 4

Back in the iOS 6 days (man, remember those days?, there were a few apps that might foreshadow what was to come in the fabled “flat” iOS 7 redesign. One of the most prevalent was a to-do list app called Clear. It was gorgeous – simple color gradients, bold typography, and dead obvious gestures that made the app a delight to use. In the context of the rest of the OS’s awkward linen textures and embossed buttons, Clear stood out as the indisputable way of the future.

So now that we’ve arrived at this less-skeumorphic landscape, how does Clear hold up? Better than ever. In fact, it didn’t take much to return the app to its lead among other iOS 7 redesigns. With the just released Clear+, the typography was lightened, a few UI elements were added, and iCloud syncing was introduced to support a new iPad version.

clear 1

With apps updating left and right, suddenly things are starting to look all the same on our iOS devices. But it’s a true testament to the design that Clear didn’t require an aesthetic overhaul to remain a stand-out app. Like a Dieter Rams clock or a Massimo Vignelli subway map, Clear has proven timeless design is reachable in the mobile generation.

clear 3

Pick up Clear+ for iOS here.