Phonebloks: The Phone Design Dream

phonebloks 1

As Apple released its iPhone 5C last week, buyers had the opportunity to personalize their phone unlike never before. Five color variations as opposed to the standard two? Man, the choices.

Color variations aren’t much of a customization feature – in the end, your phone does the same things, has the same features, and even falls short in the same areas as everyone else’s. Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, however, has come up with a concept that would truly make your phone customizable.

It’s called Phonebloks – a name that might remind you of Megabloks or Legos. And thinking along those lines would be right on. The Phonebloks concept takes phone design to users as Legos do for architecture. Every functional component of a phone is contained in its own individualized block. The battery, for instance, would be one block; while the camera would be an other. Combine all the right blocks, and soon you have a working phone.

The idea introduces a standardized platform for piecing together the phone’s architecture. This gives users choices for each block, letting them swap out blocks for bigger, smaller, faster, or slower variations of each component. Phonebloks, then, allow you to tailor the phone to your own personal use.

phonebloks 2 - Copy

phonebloks 3 - Copy

People who know about the complexities of phone design view this concept as purely utopian. Especially the idea of multiple tech companies in collaboration is not of a world we live in. But you can’t help but appreciate the forward thinking.

When you consider the storage sizes of the phones we choose, the cases we put on them, the wallpapers we set, and even the different apps we download, it’s obvious that people like to change phones to their liking. And the Phonebloks concept really takes that to it’s logical conclusion, doesn’t it? Hopefully we’ll see phone companies taking this sort of thinking with them into the future.