A Beatifully Smart and Simple Sweeper and Dustpan by Jan Kochanski

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 2

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 3

I love this dustpan and brush by Polish product designer Jan Kochanski. Perfectly simple, it presents a fantastic solution to the dustpan’s function; using the handle as a funnel for everything that gets swept up. While the dustpan and brush is a fairly common object in the home, you rarely see one as smart – or as beautiful – as this.

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 1

Made in collaboration with a craftsman in Warsaw, the dustpan is made from injection-molded plastic while the brush is beechwood and uses natural horsehair which sweeps better than a synthetic equivalent. For me, this design is great because it takes an object which we frequently use and enhances it, making a simple task a little easier in the process. For me, that’s the mark of good design and it’s exciting to see a designer with such fresh and inventive ideas.

SWEEPER & DUSTPAN - jankochanski 4

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