Control Two at Once in ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’


Puzzle games, for me, always seem to be on the forefront of game design. Like Bobby wrote a couple of weeks ago, sometimes game design can feel turgid, rote, and, frankly, uninspired. So many stories lack, emotional depth or attempt to put a real feeling inside you. I mean how many different times do I need to run around with a gun or hack and slash through a dungeon to get loot or save a princess?

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons feels different right off the bat. This new release on Xbox and PS3 is about two brothers looking for a lifesaving ingredient in a beautiful fairy tale world. Josef Fares, a Swedish film director, linked with Starbreeze Studios to give the game a cinematic sweep.

Here’s the big twist: you are asked to control both brothers at once, one brother per analog joystick. Each brother has their strengths, one larger and stronger than the other. While a section may appear easy, actual progress takes some cunning. To make it more of a challenge, no puzzle is reused. You must come up with new solutions each time. Provided, of course, that you aren’t laughing at an ogre, dodging through a battle field, or simply staring at the beautiful environments that make up this great game.