Glen Ryan’s infrared time-lapse video of the Australian landscape

Glen Ryan's infrared time-lapse video of the Australian landscape

Beautifully shot, time-lapse videos of nature are fairly common these days. With digital video cameras getting more and more powerful it’s more about having the will and taking the time to create a beautiful project than the lack of tools to create it. So I wanted to find something that was a little bit different from the rest, and I think Glen Ryan may have created the perfect thing.

Filmed at the limestone landscapes near Wee Jasper NSW, this time-lapse video is shot entirely in infrared, not black and white, which gives the piece an overall surreal look. This is a small piece to a larger project that Glen is working on which is pretty incredible to think about, I’d truly love to sit and watch scenes like this for 30 minutes.

Bobby Solomon

September 13, 2013 / By