The Pencil Drawings of Kate Copeland

Kate Copeland - Speedway

A couple weeks ago illustrator Kate Copeland launched a new website, so I thought today I’d share with you a small selection of her work. Using traditional pencil and watercolor, Kate has created illustrations for a number of clients including the likes of Sagmeister & Walsh, The Times, Wallpaper* and Port Magazine. I’m a sucker for this type of black and white imagery and Kate is particularly talented at creating bold and striking images with precision and clarity.

kate copeland - coppola murray

Reminding me at times of the work of American artist Robert Longo, Kate’s illustrations have an iconic quality to them. Whether rendering bicycles, portraits or scenes from films; her images are nearly always arresting.

Alongside her new site, she has also started a blog which shows off plenty more work. It also includes a handful of inspirations and some insightful “behind-the-scenes” shots. You can see more from Kate Copeland by visiting her site website here.

Kate Copeland - Bling Ring

Kate Copeland - Film Stills

Kate Copeland