Project Rebrand Los Angeles: The LA Flag


Have you ever looked at your city’s flag? Chances are you probably have not. You’re probably aware of your country and state’s flag but your city’s flag is probably something you didn’t know you had. A lot of cities have flags, actually. Los Angeles is one of those and it is an embarrassment. It’s like a Bob Marley celebration cake that Cookie Monster attempted to claw up. It’s so bad and sad and needs some help.

In honor of September being LA’s birthday month, we wanted to give her a little love by pushing you in LA and out of LA to make a flag for the city of Los Angeles. Like TFIB’s Re-Covered Books Contest, we’re conducting the first Project Rebrand Los Angeles and hope to come up with a few options for rethinking the Los Angeles flag.

So, we want you to get your entries in: what do you think LA’s flag should look like? Send them in and you could win $50 from Amazon and some other goodies, too. We can’t wait to see how everyone interprets the city…

September 11, 2013 / By