Stack Printer by Yugi Mamamoto

Stack Printer by Yugi Mamamoto

Printers. The world unfortunately is still not to a place where we can live without them. There also hasn’t been much out of the box thinking around them either. That’s where Yugi Mamamoto has come in with his Stack Printer concept, twisting the role of paper’s place in the printing process.

My diploma project is a compact inkjet printer, which is placed on top of a paper pile. When printing, “Stack” slowly moves downwards and swallows the pile until no paper is left. The paper disappears under the printer and exits on top, where it creates a new pile.

While I still hate printers I like the idea of the pile of paper being something more like an art object. It’s also interesting that it better visualizes how much paper you use. For those who constantly print this could be a healthy reminder to cut back or be more mindful.

September 6, 2013 / By