Fantastic miniature pavilions from The Mini Paper Pavilion Club

The Modernist’s Mountain Pavilion

This is such a neat project! The Miniature Paper Pavilion Club are a collective based in Vancouver who meets biweekly to build ~1:100 scale architectural pavilions. It’s such a fun little idea and their resulting work is terrific.

“We are interested in creating imaginary celebrative public spaces” they say on their website, adding that these miniature buildings are “beacons to all humankind, elevating the wonder of innovation and excellence!” … I couldn’t put it better myself!


The inventiveness and imagination behind these creations is just fantastic and I’d love to see some of these built in real life. You can follow the project on either Tumblr or Pinterest and – if you live in Vancouver – you can even ask to join the club (details are listed on their site). I salute you Mini Paper Pavilions and all the members of your club!

secret park pavilion

The Omni-Pod Sanctuary

The Modernist’s Mountain Pavilion

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