A clever, macabre wallpaper that shows the skeletons of animals

Animal Magic wallpaper by PaperBoy Wallpaper

I’ve had this link nestled away for a while now but I figured a day dedicated to paper was the perfect time to share it. This is a wallpaper called Animal Magic, featuring bold animal shapes with a surprise – a high gloss coat of varnish which shows you the animals skeleton.

Animal Magic explores children’s fascination with the macabre in a light-hearted way by presenting a slightly sinister side of the traditional, benign family pet. We’ve printed the pet’s skeleton on top of its silhouette in a varnish of the same color. This means it shouldn’t show at night – so it’s not too scary when the lights are out. But it catches the light during the day when all the spooks are gone. So the children’s interest in the dark and scary can be indulged in an intriguing and still be beautiful way.

The wallpaper was created by PaperBoy Wallpapers, a British company created by a mother of two young boys (pictured above) who couldn’t find a suitable wallpaper for her sons. When I saw this wallpaper all I could think is how cool it would have been to have this for my own room when I was younger. And who knows, maybe this will inspire some younger kids to become zoologists or veterinarians?

Animal Magic wallpaper by PaperBoy Wallpaper

Animal Magic wallpaper by PaperBoy Wallpaper

Bobby Solomon

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