Fun Illustrated Racers in Andrew Kolb’s ‘Silly Rally’

Andrew Kolb - Minnie Skirt & Maude Shrimpton

Who doesn’t love Andrew Kolb! The Ontario-native creates fun and energetic illustrations that feel timeless and playful. Over the years he’s worked on a variety of projects, creating work for clients such as Monocle, Randomhouse and Timbuktu Magaizne. His personal projects and gallery pieces seem to be where he has his most fun, creating pop culture inspired illustrations that references everything from Jurassic Park and Spiderman, to Pixar and David Bowie.

Andrew Kolb - Momma Terri

Recently he’s been working on a personal project that I’ve really been enjoying. Called The Silly Rally, the project crops up every few days on my Tumblr feed and it always puts a smile on my face. Based around the competitors of a fictitious (and rather ludicrous) race, Andrew’s Silly Rally is full of imagination and invention. I just love Minnie Skirt & Maude Shrimpton (the shopaholic mods at the top of this post), and how can you not love someone called Officer Honeyglaze who drives a car called the Frosted Fury (below). How great would it be to find these guys on your TV some Saturday morning!

You can follow Andrew’s Silly Racers here, and find out soon who will win the grand prize of $10,000,000 and the coveted silly cup!

Andrew Kolb - Officer Honeyglaze

Andrew Kolb - Lovey Worthalot & Lady Puppy

Andrew Kolb - The Quincy Quints

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