‘I Am Street Fighter’ – A documentary exploring 25 years of Street Fighter


It’s pretty crazy to think that Street Fighter is 25 years old. It’s one of the oldest video game franchises that’s still running with basically very few core changes to it. Sure, the graphics and fighting abilities have gotten better and more complex, but it’s still basically two people fighting it out in the street.

To celebrate 25 years Capcom has put together and extensive documentary about the acclaimed franchise which runs over an hour long. It goes into a ton of detail around the game, such as the art styles, the sound design, how it changed the world of video games, and how it’s spawned an intense gamer community, which the last half of the documentary covers. It’s honestly pretty awesome seeing these guys play Street Fighter in such an incredible, sort of next level fashion, doing things that you and I just aren’t capable of. If you’re curious, skip to the 48:00 mark to see Justin long fight Daigo in one of the most incredible turnarounds in competitive Street Fighter tournament history.