Gameboy graphic decorated China plates by Olly Moss

Gameboy inspired China plates by Olly Moss

When it comes to truly knowing how to bend the very essence of pop culture, Olly Moss certainly tops the list. The Winchester, UK based designer/illustrator transforms existing characters and worlds into his own clever adaptations, creating works of art (or borderline inanity) that you can’t help but truly enjoy. About six months ago he had the genius idea to transform Gameboy graphics to look like a traditional Willow pattern. If you’re unfamiliar, the Willow pattern is an elaborate pattern that was used to decorate fine china, oftentimes in a deep blue color.

Gameboy inspired China plates by Olly Moss

This is a part of Olly’s genius, that he’s able to miraculously connect these two seemingly disparate ideas. He took elements of both Pokemon and Zelda games and manipulated them into ornate and beautiful patterns. I think if you were to glance at these you’d have no idea they were Gameboy textures and characters, they truly look like works of art.

As far as I know these aren’t for sale anywhere though I’m sure he’d instantly sell out of them if he tried.

Gameboy inspired China plates by Olly Moss

Bobby Solomon

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