Cory Schmitz brings bold, contemporary design to the world of video games

Cory Schmitz - Jim Guthrie album art

Cory Schmitz - Xbox branding

When I think of design in video games, specifically branding or logos, I often think of a very retro, Japanese aesthetic, or perhaps something kind of childish. There are obviously exceptions to this rule, but overall I think the overall look and feel is over stylized. Enter Cory Schmitz, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based designer who’s bringing bold, clever designs to video games.

Even if you’re a vague fan of video games you’ve probably seen some of Cory’s lovely branding. He created the logo for The Verge owned video game site Polygon, the cover art for Jim Guthrie’s soundtrack to Indie Game: The Movie, and has also worked on a slew of indie games and game developer logos, giving them a real contemporary and professional vibe. He’s also kind of prolific, coming out with a new project or two almost every month, it’s quite inspiring to see.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this guy’s portfolio is the place to find it.

Cory Schmitz - Polygon logo

Cory Schmitz - Samurai Gunn logo

Cory Schmitz - Last of Us box art

Cory Schmitz - Midnight City logo

Cory Schmitz - Sword and Sworcery poster

Cory Schmitz - Below logo