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Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia comes to life in this amazing step-by-step video

Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona masterpiece Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família has been under construction since 1882, and it’s not slated to be done until 2026, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a sneak peek of what the completed church will look like when it’s finished.

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“Shot at the Night”, a brand new song from The Killers

The Killers have a new song, and it’s really pretty good. Those are words that I never thought I’d write ever again. The song is titled “Shot at the Night” and it certainly feels like a Killers track, I mean, Brandon Flowers voice is pretty iconic. But there’s a retro-tinge to the song, like what the soundtrack to Drive felt like. Old but new, fresh but familiar. The reason for this sound though is probably because of the production work of Anthony Gonzalez, the man behind M83. Once you know that little tidbit it’s hard to not hear his influence, kind of like how that new Arcade Fire song sounds like an LCD Soundsystem track (James Murphy produced it).

The Killers

Clear, the App with Timeless Design

clear 4

Back in the iOS 6 days (man, remember those days?, there were a few apps that might foreshadow what was to come in the fabled “flat” iOS 7 redesign. One of the most prevalent was a to-do list app called Clear. It was gorgeous – simple color gradients, bold typography, and dead obvious gestures that made the app a delight to use. In the context of the rest of the OS’s awkward linen textures and embossed buttons, Clear stood out as the indisputable way of the future.

So now that we’ve arrived at this less-skeumorphic landscape, how does Clear hold up? Better than ever. In fact, it didn’t take much to return the app to its lead among other iOS 7 redesigns. With the just released Clear+, the typography was lightened, a few UI elements were added, and iCloud syncing was introduced to support a new iPad version.

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Five fonts to prepare you for Fall

For those of you not in California, or the near season-less Southwest, fall is here or at least near. Time to trade in the summer neons for earth tones and consider some other seasonal design trends. I searched through the work of several foundries and designers for affordable options and pick out a few typefaces that I wouldn’t mind seeing good, legal use of this autumn.


Homestead – Lost Type Co-op, pay what you want

There are so many typefaces from Lost Type suitable for fall but I tried to limited myself to just one (it didn’t work). For my first choice I settled on Homestead after debate with some of my type pals. Homestead, designed by Luke Lisi, is a hearty slab serif with a various texture options  reminiscent of plaid flannel.  The typeface also had a bit of a varsity feel without feeling too hokey, particularly in the M, making it a great font for football season and school-themed worked. While it’s only available in all caps, it also comes with an inline option, which makes it even more versatile.  And if Lumberjacks had offices with nameplates, I am pretty sure they would be in Homestead.

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Made by Radio bring environmental issues to life in their colourful illustrations for Wired

Made by Radio's Illustrations for Wired Environment

I’ve been following the work of South African studio Made by Radio for a while and was recently impressed by this series of illustrations they created for Wired UK. The images were used as part of a feature in the magazine about environmental issues and I think the guys really nailed it; combining great shapes and colors to highlight mans relationship with the world around us.

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NYC Ballet’s New Beginnings is the Most Moving 9/11 Tribute You’ve Ever Seen


The other week marked September 11th’s twelfth anniversary. A moment in history that will no doubt live on in the minds and hearts of Americans. Yet, I can’t help but get the impression that its legacy is dwindling. Probably for the better, it seems most opt to quietly remember as opposed to making a big deal of it all. As writer Robert Frost famously once said, “in three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” While some may have carried forward, New York City Ballet has not. Or have they? In a poetic homage titled New Beginnings, the company staged and filmed a performance atop 4 World Trade Center. The result is touching. It’s poetic, poignant even. I cannot stress this enough: it’s the perfect 9/11 tribute, harkening Frost’s aforementioned sentiment.

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The Fun and Colorful Illustrations of Henrique Athayde

Henrique Athayde - Breaking Bad

I first noticed the work of Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer Henrique Athayde when I saw his excellent Breaking Bad GIF doing the rounds on Tumblr. As a fan of the show I instantly loved it, but I also really liked Henrique’s style so I decided to check out more of his work online and was happy to see that his other work was just as good!

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