Forgotten Homes in Chris Mottalini’s Poignant Series ‘After You Left, They Took It Apart’

Chris Mottalini - After You Left

After You Left, They Took It Apart is the title of a series of images taken by the New York based photographer Chris Mottalini. Showing a collection Paul Rudolph-designed homes just before they were to be demolished, the series took Mottalini almost seven years to complete and presents a poignant picture of mid-century modernism at the end of its life.

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An interview with Outlier: A brand paving fashion’s future through design


Outlier. A clothing brand based out of Brooklyn. Since 2008, founders Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens have been rocking the fashion scene, digging (and dominating) their own niche where form meets function. They believe that clothing should be liberating. Outlier is no stranger to the site, Bobby has written about them before. But seeing as I’m based in NYC, I decided to pop over last week and have a peek at the studio. Lucky for me, they’re super cool dudes and were happy to oblige. After speaking with Abe, my suspicions were quickly assured: there’s more magic to Outlier than just the clothes.

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“My Friends Never Die”, a sweet new track by ODESZA

The dudes from ODESZA, Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight, have a brand new track called My Friends Never Die, and it’s honestly keeping my designs flowing. The song is an electronic jam with a punchy melody and lots of shout-y bits. Honestly, I’m shit at describing songs so just listen and enjoy.

"My Friends Never Die", a sweet new track by ODESZA

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The American Design Hot List, compiled by Sight Unseen

The American Hot List Designers, compiled by Sight Unseen - Eric Trine

The American Hot List Designers, compiled by Sight Unseen

The ladies at Sight Unseen have put together their American Design Hot List, a compilation of the best ‘Mericans in product design. The goal of their list is to profile “a totally unscientific, unapologetically subjective portfolio of the 25 emerging and semi-emerging furniture and product designers we think you should know now.’ And it’s a damn good list. Amongst the folks profiled is long time TFIB homie Eric Trine, Fort Standard, and Snarkitecture, amongst many awesome designers. If you’re unfamiliar with these folks, this is a perfect time to get acquainted.

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Beautiful Portrait Photography by Hannes Caspar

Hannes Caspar- Henriette

Portrait photography is not something we feature all that often on The Fox Is Black. I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it’s just that portraits don’t quite capture me quite like images of distant lands or pictures that tell stories. That said, I recently discovered the portrait photography of Berlin-based photographer Hannes Caspar and was instantly drawn in. His images do seem to tell stories. The faces he captures are filled with emotions, personalities and mystery and I absolutely love them.

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“Still Young”, a lovely track by Evening

One of my favorite new things has to be Rdio’s awesome Stations feature, and specifically in this case, the ability to turn your favorite record label into it’s very own station. Recently I’ve been listening a lot to the Friends of Friends station, which is a Los Angeles based record label with a really amazing line-up.

Through the station I found a band named Evenings, well, he’s a dude named Nathan, but he makes some really great music, and his most recent album Yore is phenomenal. One of my favorite songs on the album is called “Still Young.” It’s kind of a headphone track but it definitely gives you a good sense of the vibe.

You can also discover a bunch of great music over on the Friends of Friends site by clicking here.

'Yore' by Evenings

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Fantastic sketch book illustrations by Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson illustration

Earlier this morning I came across the work of Mattias Adolfsson, a Swedish illustrator who fills his sketchbooks with the most amazing illustrations. I don’t understand how he has the patience and the foresight to create such complete images on two pieces of paper without making a mistake. Or perhaps the mistakes that might make add to the charm and the life of his drawings? Either way, I highly recommend checking out his work, there’s ton of beautiful stuff to pour through.

You can also see more of his sketches below.

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