Theme Friday: Neon

Theme Friday: Neon

In today’s culture, a substance like neon has a number of different meanings and interpretations. The original meaning of neon is the scientific one, that it’s a chemical element (a noble gas to be specific) which is number 10 on the periodic table. It’s creation is quite dramatic if you read it straight from it’s Wikipedia page.

During cosmic nucleogenesis of the elements, large amounts of neon are built up from the alpha-capture fusion process in stars. Although neon is a very common element in the universe and solar system (it is fifth in cosmic abundance after hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon), it is very rare on Earth.

In a more modern sense we often think of neon as the signs you see hanging in dive bars or liquor stores. Technically, the neon only glows red in color (the sign above is not neon, ha!) so the different colors you see are other gasses like krypton, argon, or xenon. But you’ll probably never hear anyone say, “wow, look at that rad xenon sign!”

In the most contemporary sense of the word, neon is often thought of as a super bright color which is most frequently seen applied to sports and athletic apparel. But it certainly hasn’t stopped there. You now see neon colors on literally everything (and this Pinterest search for neon scientifically proves it). I’m not a hater though, I’m actually a big fan of neon when it’s worn in the appropriate doses.

With all this complexity we thought it’d make for a great Theme Friday, so prepare for a thorough exploration of this word with so many interesting and exciting possibilities.

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