‘L is for Luminous’ in Daniele Manoli’s A-Z of Tiny Blips & Short Clips

Daniele Manoli - Neon

Searching the internet in hopes of finding some neon for our “Theme Friday” this week, I stumbled across this fantastic little nugget of animated neon by Swedish director Daniele Manoli. ‘L is for Luminous’ is part of a series of 26 short videos which Daniele made during 2009-2010. Each one corresponds to a letter of the alphabet and it’s a great collection of playful little clips.

Based in Hong Kong, Daniele created this video by cutting out various signs from around the city. The resulting clip is a kaleidoscopic celebration of light, patterns and color. The music is provided by Josh Furey. Enjoy!

August 30, 2013 / By