Amazing Cut-Out Illustrations by People Too

People Too - ural

I love these cut-out illustrations by the Russian artist duo People Too. Intricate and utterly incredible, their skills with paper craft are just fantastic. Based in Novosibirsk, the duo’s work has a fantastically vibrant energy about it and I love how much personality and liveliness they capture just with simple paper folds.

People Too - Fireworks

The images in this post are taken from a project used to advertise the cloud storage site Cubby, but you should definitly check out their other projects too. Their work for Amnesty International is particularly strong and who could pass on the chance to see paper craft Beatles! The duo also keep a blog, Tumblr and Behance Page which offer a glimpse behind the scenes and highlight their process and the scale of their work. I love this type of illustration and People Too are top of their game!

People Too - Start Up

People Too - Taxi

People Too - Office

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