Arca’s ‘&&&&’, A Mixtape Sure To Open Some Creative Pathways

arca mixtape &&&&

To some extent 2013 can be slashed in half. Before and after Yeezus, I mean. That seems a bit audacious, right? It’s ONE record, maybe not Kanye’s most loved – although the croissants line still gets me. But if anything, like 808s & Heartbreak, it has opened the door for different producers and the darker side of dubstep, grime, and hip hop to become a part of the mainstream.

So who really made Yeezus?

One name is all over the tracks. A young, Caracas via NYC producer known as Arca. The dude had a hand in “Hold My Liquor,” “I’m in It,” “Blood on the Leaves,” and “Send It Up.” To me, his music is a beautiful articulation of the modern sound. Detached, aloof, intimate, cerebral yet incandescent, Arca’s normal tracks blow me away. I cannot get enough of his entire Soundcloud page, an exercise in, “holy shit that was… amazing!”

Arca’s mixtape &&&& feels like the dark and dirty companion to Yeezus. Released last month, it oscillates between menacing and mercurial by the minute. Voices augment and shift into melodies, distorted synths fade into a static mess, heavy beats roll under playful melodies. Adventuresome and inspiring, it’s a challenging but great listen, certain to open some creative pathways in your mind.

August 29, 2013 / By